41st International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference


The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society is pleased to announce the 41stInternational Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, to be held in Berlin, Germany from July 23–27, 2019. The overarching theme is “Biomedical engineering ranging from wellness to intensive care”. Consistent with our theme, we have arranged plenary keynotes from leading academic and industrial scientists, who will present aspects of innovation and translational engineering in biomedicine. The scientific tracks will cover the standard topics of the EMBS technical committees. Beside the scientific sessions, the congress exhibition will show biomedical companies, start-ups, biomedical institutes, universities, and provide networking opportunities for engineers, clinicians, other scientists, entrepreneurs and students. Cutting-edge research and innovation in biomedical engineering, healthcare technology and medical informatics will all be covered in this large conference. The conference program consists of mini symposia, workshops, invited sessions, oral and poster sessions, sessions for students and young professionals, sessions for clinicians and entrepreneurs, and a large exhibition. The conference will be held in Berlin, which is currently developing a major healthcare hub in Germany with three universities, the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), Healthcapital, and more than 100 regional companies active in the healthcare business.

Date: July 23– 27, 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany


01. Biomedical Signal Processing
02. Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing
03. Micro/Nano-bioengineering and Cellular/Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials
04. Computational Systems, Modeling and Simulation in Medicine, Multiscale Modeling, Synthetic Biology
05. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Engineering
06. Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering
07. Biomedical Sensors and Wearable Systems
08. Bio-Robotics and Biomechanics
09. Therapeutic and Diagnostic Systems and Technologies
10. Biomedical and Health Informatics
11. Biomedical Engineering Education and Society
12. Translational Engineering for Healthcare Innovation and Commercialization
13. Pharmaceutical Engineering and Drug Delivery Systems
14. Smart Implants

Author instructions

Thank you for your interest in contributing your written work to the conference.Paper Eligibility

Our conference is currently accepting the following submission types:

  • Full contributed papers which are 4 to 7 pages in length (7 Pages maximum)
  • Research Poster Papers  (1 page)
  • Minisymposium and Invited Session 1 page papers (session code required)

Our current paper management system will accept papers in Microsoft Word and Latex.

Templates can be downloaded in the paper management system

We highly recommend the usage of the provided templates to generate your paper.

Each submission will be reviewed for compliance of  margins, headers, and footers, page numbers, and other size specifications.

Papers which are non-compliant may not be included in the proceeding.

Each paper may be written by up to 35 authors maximum.

All papers must be written in English

All papers must be original unpublished work

One author must be named/designated the corresponding author for the paper.

Submission process

All papers submitted to the conference will follow the following process:

  • Initial paper submission
    • initial paper submission is the step in which the author or authors present their best work for review by the organizing committee
    • Each author listed on the paper must listed as an author on the face of the paper and in the paper management system
  • Paper review
    • Once the initial submission deadline has completed for your paper submission type, the organizing committee will begin reviewing all papers in your submission type
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection
    • On or before the scheduled date the organizing committee will notify the corresponding author of the acceptance or rejection of the paper to the conference program
    • where the paper is accepted to the program the corresponding author is encouraged to update the paper to meet any recommendations provided by the reviewers
  • Final submission (*final submission only applies to those papers which receive an acceptance notification from the conference organizing committee)
    • the corresponding author of the paper must submit the final draft of the paper, on or before the published deadline
    • the corresponding author must be registered to attend the conference and have a conference registration fee paid in full at the full registration price
      • Single day rates, one day passes, Workshop only, exhibitor rates, or any other specialty admission items will not support the paper uplodd
    • the corresponding author will not be able to upload the final submission of the paperwhere the paper is not supported by a full registration of the corresponding author or a co-author.
    • corresponding authors are encouraged to complete a thorough review of the paper before final submission of the paper as this will be the final opportunity to make any changes, adjustments, or acknowledgements.
    • A co-author can register for the conference and pay the applicable upload fees. Only the corresponding author can upload the final paper

Registration and Submission Fees

Each full attendee registration to the conference will support up to 2 paper submission of any submission type.  *Single day rates, one day passes, Workshop only, exhibitor, or any other specialty prices do not include and will not support paper submission or allow final submission of a paper.

The system will not allow the final submission of any paper where the proper registration fee and any applicable submission fees are not paid.

The following fees apply after the registration fee is paid in full:

Additional Submission Fees
1st Submission – with Registration $0.00
2nd Submission – with Registration $0.00
3rd Submission – with Registration $100.00
4th Submission – with Registration $200.00
5th Submission – with Registration $300.00
6th Submission – with Registration $400.00
7th Submission – with Registration $500.00
Overlength Paper Charges
1 Page  > 4 Pages $200.00
2 pages > 4 pages $400.00
3 pages > 4 pages $600.00
*Maximum Page Length – 7 pages inclusive of reference page

*Once the corresponding authors completes the final submission steps registration fees and submission fees are non-refundable. 

Responsibilities of the corresponding author:

The corresponding author acts as the assigned manager of the paper.  The corresponding author is responsible for all activities related to the paper submission. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Initial submission of a compliant manuscript on or before the submission deadline
  • Making any updates or changes to the paper that may be requested or required
  • Acting as the representative to all authors associated with the paper
  • Ensuring the conference registration fee and submission fees are paid to support final paper upload
  • Completing the final submission of the paper on or before the final submission deadline
  • Ensuring the paper is presented at the conference during the presentation time scheduled by the organizing committee
  • Adherence to the EMBS No Show Policy and processes therein

No Show Policy 

Embs enforces a no-show policy.  Any paper which is accepted to the conference and is included in the final program is expected to be presented at the conference during its scheduled presentation date and time by the papers corresponding author.  The author(s) of any paper which is not presented but completed final submission and is added to the final conference program will be subscribed to the no-show list compiled by EMBS.  Authors who are listed to the EMBS no-show list will be included on said list for a period of no less than 2 years.  The list of no-shows will be made available to All EMBS Conference organizers, and said organizers may reject submissions from authors included on the no show list.

Should any circumstances arise where the corresponding author is unable to present the paper at the conference the corresponding author may delegate the presentation responsibility to one of the listed co-authors of the paper to present the paper in his or her absence.  The substitution of a corresponding author by another co-author must be documented and substantiated in advance.  It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case to the embs executive office before the scheduled date of the presentation.

Should a circumstance arise where none of the listed authors are able to present the paper at the conference it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case to the embs executive office documenting the reason for the absence.  Cases of this nature will be reviewed on its merits and supporting documentation may be required.

Any paper which completes final submission, is added to the final conference program, goes unpresented at the conference, and does not submit a substitute/absentee case to the embs executive office will not be eligible for publication or indexing.

*submission of a substitute/absentee case does not guarantee publication or indexing of an unpresented paper.
**Each substitute/absentee case is subject to review and approval
***review and approval of a substitute/absentee case will be completed no sooner than 30 days after the final day of the conference schedule.

Presenting your Paper:

Each paper that is reviewed and accepted to the conference program by the organizing committee will be assigned a presentation type

Presentation types:

  • Lecture/Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation

*Please note all one page abstracts which are accepted to the conference will be assigned a poster presentation

Decisions related to presentation type are determined by the conference organizing committee members considering the following factors:

  • Conference editorial board recommendation
  • Recommendations and suggestions by the paper reviewer
  • Topic and content of the paper

While all authors are encourage to register for and attend the conference, the corresponding author will be listed as the presenting author of the paper

Paper Publication:

Full contributed papers which meet the IEEE standards for publication will be eligible for publication in IEEE Xplore and indexed by PubMed and Medline.

*Acceptance to the conference does not guarantee or imply the guarantee of publication

Eligibility requirements for a publication include but are not limited to:

  • Contribution/Paper is a full contributed paper is Accepted to the conference program
  • All Conference registration fees and submission fees are paid in full
  • The paper is presented at the conference at the scheduled time by the corresponding author or delegate author
  • Meets and passes all IEEE standards including but not limited to plagiarism and formatting checks

Paper Upload Instructions

Go to Papercept System to upload your paper.

Click “Submit a contribution to EMBC’19”.

Click “Submit” next to “Full Contributed Paper”,  “Research Poster Paper”, “Minisymposium Paper – 1 page”, “Invited Session paper – 1 page” 

For Minisymposium and Invited Session papers, you will need an alphanumeric code from the organizer for this type of submission

Source: https://embc.embs.org/2019


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